South Africa joins the list of countries to legalize weed, well sort of…

On Wednesday, 18th of September, South africa joined the wonderful club of countries where the herb was finally legalized, well sort of, South Africa’s highest court ruled to decriminalize the private growing and use of the herb, falling short of the full grasp of the capitalistic sphere where sale for consumption is permitted like as seen in some of the states in USA.

Other enlightened countries…

Some of these countries includes the USA, although this dependant upon state, some states it is still totally illegal, Portugal, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Estonia, Mexico, and ofcourse the Netherlands, mostly Amsterdam where the herb has generated millions of euros in sales and tourist trade. It is worth noting that the laws governing use and cultivation of marijuana vary in complexity from country to country.

Follow the smoke…

The classic saying is that marijuana is a gateway drug, well times are changing and so are attitudes. They may be baby steps but the trend is showing a road to full decriminalization and legality. As for when compared to other drugs, weed has a strong case, it is widely used in the medical industry for treatment of varied ailments, there are no known lasting health effects like those caused by tobacco or alcohol, so f*ck it I will make a prediction as say weed will eventually be fully legal, maybe for not my generation, but some lucky m****rf****rs in the future.

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